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  1. Click the "Connect to Database"
  2. Tick the tables you want to use in your project. You can also click the links "Select All", or "Select None" to quickly select all or none of the tables.
  3. The Regex is shown at the bottom of the dialog. This text is automatically copied to your clipboard. There is no need to copy this text.
  4. Change to your Visual Studio project which is using the "EntityFramework Reverse POCO Generator", and overwrite the line TableFilterInclude = null; in your file by pasting (Ctrl-V) with the text from the clipboard.

If the regex text box at the bottom is blank, don't worry, its just that the text box can only display a certain amount of text. The text will still be to the clipboard ready for you to use. However, this is also a warning that you have too many tables in your db context. Try to keep your db contexts small (<60 tables).

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